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Do You Know Why Getting a Buyer’s Agent is Important for All Home Buyers?

The home buying process can be difficult not just for first time home buyers. When it comes to all of the complicated real estate jargon, buyers and even sellers can feel out of touch with what’s going on or what they should do next. Many buyers are unaware of the benefit to having someone on their side who can guide them in the real estate game. That someone is known as a buyer’s agent.

Do you know the difference between a listing agent and a buyer’s agent?

Listing and selling agents both legally represent the seller, but a selling agent can represent a buyer in the home buying process, making them a “buyer’s agent”.

A listing agent generally works with a seller to help them list their property on the market and serves as the contact for potential buyers interested in the property.

A selling/buyer’s agent works with buyers during the home buying process to show them homes and communicate with listing agents about said properties on the buyer’s behalf.

So how does a Buyer’s Agent get paid? 

Buyer’s agent gets paid with commissions, either from the total commission paid to the listing agent during a sale or as a direct payment from the buyer to the buyer’s agency which is equivalent to a reduction in the overall selling price of the property.

Most people don't know that having a buyer’s agent to help with your property search will cost nothing extra and might in fact save them money as this agent can negotiate with a listing agent for you.

What are the benefits of working with a Buyer’s Agent?

It is so smart to work with a Buyer’s agent if you are the buyer.  The listing agent has a responsibility to sell the property quickly at the highest available price, however a buyers agent will negotiate for the best deal for you the buyer.

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